The most ideal solution for printing materials in a small number of copies in full color or in black and white is digital printing.

Why is digital printing advantageous for you?

  • It is economical for a small number of copies
  • The option of unique printing
  • There are no film, adjustment and type-form related costs.
  • Short turnaround time
  • With a poster printer it can be a large format too

Do you urgently need 10 product brochures or invitation cards?
The Xerox digital printing machine is the solution for you.

Printed matter  of a small number of copies (business cards, invitation cards, leaflets, coupons, entrance tickets and raffle tickets, etc.) up to 300 g paper weight, in SRA3+ (330×480 mm) size with varying data (text, picture, serial number, bar code) can be printed immediately.

Did you know that, as compared to a simple letter, a personalized DM letter can increase response rate by 34% and order value by 25%? You only need to provide a database so that you can send your customers personalized letters and brochures, which will no longer be thrown away. You can change not only the form of address but also the text and the images. Send your guests personalized invitation cards or entrance tickets with table, row and seat numbers, and you no longer have to deal with seating plans.

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Poster, UV and board printing

Do you need only 1 piece of poster or flag?
No problem, with digital printing we can solve it for you within a few hours.
We can print the wide range of materials on our digital poster printer. The printing carriers can be made from all kinds of materials, lake paper, adhesive vinyl, roll-up material, pvc tilt, screening backlite, etc.
We can also print and confection (cutting to size, eyeleting, hemming, mounting, spring-hook) of flags, molinos, pop up wall panels, which are fit both indoor and outdoor use.
Our colleagues can help you in choosing the material that suits the intended use the most.
Bring your images and text to our graphics studio and we will design the graphics for you. You can send us your materials to be printed either by e-mail or uploaded to our FTP server.
Unique printing quality on a great number of materials used all over the world, with Hungary’s first Roland LEJ-640 UV printer. In this printing technology, UV radiation produces the cross-linking of ink, creating a flexible plastic coating on the surface of the substrate. As opposed to traditional printers, this also enables us to use media such as PET film, clear film and textile.
The LEJ 640 printer supports both roll media and rigid substrates up to 13 mm thick such as wood and metal boards and foam board of varying thickness.

Creating special effects.

The artistic printing mode (1440×1440 dpi) is ideal for jobs requiring sharp execution rich in details.
You can make your advertising material stand out against the rest by using matte or gloss finishes on your graphics printed in four colours. The technology of Roland LEJ-640 enables the printing of texts in Braille. Using white ink, you can print on transparent films or other substrates of any colour but white
Our cutters enable us to cut your graphics printed on self-adhesive media to any shape, thus creating stickers unique both in form and execution.

We offer you short deadlines for the making of unique graphics in small quantities such as indoor signs, interior design ornaments, exhibition wall panels, displays, promotional figures, POP and POS materials, large-format shop window graphics, and packaging specimens.