Point of Sale advertising material
You know that 70 % of the purchasing decisions are not planned and the buyer decides in front of the shelves?
The main tool of the POS advert is the wide usage of POS materials.
During promotions, raffles, price reduction, information events and the launching of new products, in-store tools ensurethe increase of turnover and support sales.
Costly advertisement campaigns are to no avail if in the shops customers buy the products of your competitors as a result of their smart POS tools. Don’t hesitate to make the most of the benefits provided by in-store tools that raise people’s attention and promote purchase.
You are looking for a reliable supplier, who delivers the advertising materials of your current campaign on time?
For you, who is into trade marketing it is not news that this requires a very complex knowledge and raises several questions: Which material should be used? Who can do it for me? Where do I have to submit the graphics? Who will deliver it to the central store? Short term or long term displaying?
You have to decide about the basics. After defining the precise demand follows the joint work. We design and recommend, You choose and decide.
Call our experts on 481-4660, who are happy to advise you on questions of execution in order to ensure that your product be made in accordance with your ideas and to save time and energy.
A few examples of indoor printed matter: posters, banners, sales folders, coupons, leaflets, shelf strips, wobblers, prom

Advertising decoration

Advertising decoration
Make your shop or showroom more spectacular!
Your customers will get their first impressions about your shop, office or showroom during parking.
The aesthetic and uniform parking, directional and advertising boards, the shop walls, the fascia, the shop window and the appearance of the entrance all play an important role in the company’s image.
Advertising boards are made of either aluminium or plastic, decorated with a foil or printed on with UV printing technology.
We produce your promotional decoration using digital printing, computer controlled letter cutting and mounting. At an exhibition or event you have to raise people’s attention within a short period of time. Spectacular decoration here is even more important. Building a unique stand is expensive and you can only use it once. However, with some practical tools and interesting decoration even a standard stand will make those interested stop. Following the exhibition, the elements of the mobile stand can be further used in your shop or showroom.
Flags, sheets, and molinos (even especially big ones) are cost effective solutions for large format in and outdoor advertisements. Rolled up they can be stored in a small place and are easy to transport. They can be placed or spread almost anywhere.
We print your indoor decorations on cardboard, foam board or on a plastic sheet.
The company logo is made of light materials using three dimensional letters and can be installed on any surface.
Illuminated signs, light-boxes or totem poles attract attention not only in the dark.
We have provided unique solutions for POS tools since 1995.
Call us on 481-4665 and request an on-site assessment and design.